The South Dorset hounds hunt within the law and comply with the Hunting Act 2004 by trail hunting. Some trails are laid before the meet and others are laid during the day by a combination of runners and people on horses or quad bikes.


The South Dorset country is some 25 miles in length and 15 in breadth, it stretches from Dorchester in the West,  to Poole/Bournemouth in the East and Glanvilles Wootton in the North, and includes a stretch of Jurassic Coastline from Weymouth to Studland. It is predominantly a mixed farming country on chalk downland.

The vale country in the North is renowned as being some of the toughest to cross. The heathland and forestry along the coast is hunted in the spring to April. A proportion of the Blackmore Vale is hunted on Tuesdays until the beginning of February.

Described by Michael Clayton as “One of the great foxhunting countries of the world – it’s vales with the deep clay and big fly fences, as demanding to cross on a horse as any I have encountered”, Dorset has challenge, variety and beauty!

There is huge fun to be had, with fast riding relatively small fields and all children welome and encouraged.  The South Dorset are privileged to have supportive farmers who allow hunting over this wonderful country, keeping the country open and easy to cross.

The current Mastership facilitated putting in over 100 new hunt jumps last summer and continue to add more.

The South Dorset Hunt Meets on Tuesdays, alternate Thursdays and Saturdays 10:45am during the main season (Nov-April). Autumn hunting hounds meet five days a week from beginning September until opening meet.

Come and join in: Contact the Secretary for information.


Come hunting with the South Dorset!  We will organise a complete package for you, to include cap, dinner, B&B, livery for your own horse or a hireling.

Contact Sarah Clarke 01258 881122


Louly Thornycroft 01258 860614 / 07887 841480

Hirelings: Mrs Emma Harris  mobile 07775 780214