Subscriptions 2018-2019

The Committee have agreed the subscription rates for the coming season.  We have had a re vamp with the aim of providing something for everyone.  The good news is that we have not increased the overall subscription rate, just altered the number of vouchers etc. that you can buy.  There is now no limit to the number of voucher books you can buy, and there are even half day vouchers.

A subscription application/reply form is downloadable here, as is a PDF version of the table below.

Also downloadable here, is a Standing Order form for those who would like to pay monthly.  All those paying a full subscription do not pay any further caps – so autumn hunting is free.  Voucher schemes start from the Opening meet, which means that anyone on a voucher scheme will need to bring a cap for autumn hunting.

We have worked hard on this to make it really simple and cover what we believe you all want.  

Please send cheques to me – made out to The South Dorset Hunt, to …

Fivepenny House, Shillingstone Lane, Okeford Fitzpaine, Blandford, DT11 0RB

Please return the downloadable form to – by e-mail ( if you are paying by BACS or Standing Order.