The South Dorset Hunt has some of the most beautiful and varied country in the UK. Hunting runs from late August through until the end of March and we warmly welcome all visitors. Whether you are new to hunting or an experienced hand we pride ourselves in being able to provide fun sport to suit all.

The country was originally part of that hunted by J J Farqharson until 1858 when, on his resignation, Mr Radcliffe of Hyde House, Wareham bought a proportion of the hounds and founded the South Dorset Hunt.

Outside of hunting we run many social events and have an active hunt supporters club, providing enjoyment for those both on and off a horse. The hunt is proud to be part of the local community and contributes in a number of ways, including using local suppliers of goods and services where possible.

All or any references to the uses of the terms “hunt” or “hunting”, or any relation thereto used in the text should be interpreted strictly as meaning hunting within the law as defined under The Hunting Act 2004 and covering such activities as hound exercise.

Country Alliance’ Q & A on trail hunting

If you would like to join us and would like advice on meets, costs or hiring a horse then please contact the Hunt Secretary, Emma Howard-Tripp at