We take great pride in welcoming visitors of all levels and our range of country enables us to provide beginners with an enjoyable confidence giving day while our Vale days provide challenging and exciting country, which means visitors travel considerable distances to experience what we have to offer.

We meet at 10.45am every Tuesday and Saturday and alternate Thursdays from the end of October until the end of March. Autumn hunting is from the end of August (harvest depending) until the Opening Meet at the end of October.

Traditional hunting dress is worn during the majority of the hunting season, while ratcatchers (tweed jackets) are worn for Autumn hunting and the last few weeks of the season in March.

We want to make your experience with the South Dorset Hunt as special and relaxed as possible so if we can help put together a hunting package or advise on B&Bs, hirelings, livery for your own horse or directions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Costs of subscriptions, tickets and day caps are listed below.


Anyone subscribing by 1st September may pay the discounted rate shown in red.

 Over 30Husband & Wife25-3021-2417-2011-16
Full day£2,000 £1,900£3,000 £2,850£1,200 £1,075£900 £775£500 £400£300 £250
Half day£1,500 £1,425     


Individual £120
Husband & Wife£175


If you are planning on hunting more than 3 days during the season, we ask that you purchase a book of tickets.  These can be used on any day from the opening meet onwards.

AgeOver 3025-3021-24
10 tickets£850£660£525
5 tickets £445£345£75
5 half day tickets £335£265£200

For designated Vale days (*on meet card) we ask for one full day and one half day ticket

Tickets do not carry over to another season and they are non transferable.

Please note, all those who subscribe or buy tickets are required to do two days gate shutting.


Autumn hunting:

AgeOver  2017-20£11-16

Opening Meet onwards:

AgeOver 3025-3021-2417-2011-16
Midweek (1/2 day)£85 (£65)£75 (£55)£60 (£40)£35£25
Saturday (1/2 day)£95 (£75)£75 (£55)£60 (£40)£35£25
Vale days (1/2 day)£130 (£110)£90 (£70)£85 (£65)£40£30  

Half day means until 1.30pm. Age as at 1st September 2023. There is no half day rate for anyone under the age of 21.


Children 10 and under are free and all current Pony Club members are free at designated pony club meets.  Children 16 and under should be accompanied – to be arranged by parents themselves.


Anyone serving in the armed forces under the age of 30 will be charged £50 on any day


Subscription is set by the Wessex Area.  2 days hunting only


Full subscribers may invite one free mounted guest to “their” meet. Ticket holders may have a free day themselves. All other guests need to be paid for.

The South Dorset hounds hunt within the law and comply with the Hunting Act 2004 by trail hunting. Some trails are laid before the meet and others are laid during the day by a combination of runners and people on horses or quad bikes.

If you would like to come hunting or would like advice on meets then please contact the Hunt Secretary Emma Howard-Tripp on info@southdorsethunt.co.uk